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Jfk, His Advisors, And Everyone Else Essay - 2322 Words

Jorie Schwab History 261G JFK, His Advisors, and Everyone Else In October 1962, the Kennedy administration was forced to manage the most dangerous confrontation of the Cold War era: The Cuban Missile Crisis. In fact, considering the threat of nuclear war at play, the Cuban Missile Crisis could be considered the most dangerous confrontation in all of human history. Because of the clear significance of this crisis, it serves as the ideal case study through which to dissect the presidency. This analysis of the Kennedy administration reveals the deepening divide between â€Å"doves† and â€Å"hawks,† the importance of Kennedy’s personal advisors, and the power Robert Kennedy had over his brother. To better understand the significance of these factors, I will do an analysis of seven meetings JFK attended from the time of the introduction of the crisis, leading up to his speech to the American public and official message to Moscow. Tuesday, October 16, 1962: First Cabinet Meeting, and Incendiary Responses The first cabinet meeting JFK held began with an introduction and analysis of the threat evident in photos obtained from Cuba. The urgency among participants was evident, as such direct movement by the Soviet Union was a complete surprise. Dean Rusk summarized this feeling in a comment to JFK: â€Å"[This development is one] that we, all of us, had not really believed the Soviets could carry this far.† However, the cabinet members quickly grasped the gravitas of what was at stake. While theShow MoreRelatedForeign Policy of John F. Kennedy5063 Words   |  21 Pages2012 John F. Kennedy Even before John Fitzgerald Kennedy began his presidency in 1961, he viewed foreign policy as one of the most important aspects of our lives. In one speech he said, â€Å"Foreign policy today, irrespective of what we might wish, in its impact on our daily lives, overshadows everything else. Expenditures, taxation, domestic prosperity, the extent of social sciences — all hinge on the basic issue of war or peace† (JFK Library). As the first president born in the 20th century, the youngestRead MoreThe Legacy Of Lyndon Baines Johnson1332 Words   |  6 PagesEarly life Lyndon Baines Johnson was born in Stonewall, Texas on August 27, 1908. He grew up right there in his hometown. His parents were Samuel Elay Johnson Jr. and Rebekah Baines. He was accompanied by his siblings Sam Houston Johnson, Rebekah Johnson, Lucia Johnson, and Josefa Johnson. For school he would run to the nearby, one-room junction school. He grew up on a farm but his grandfather had a dream of him becoming a member of the U.S. senate. He was a responsible young adult and out of collegeRead MoreThe Assassination of J.F.K. Essay1712 Words   |  7 Pagesfatal. This event will never be forgotten by the American people. This event and the proceeding Warren Commission investigation will be causes of arguments in this country for a long time to come. With the uncertainty of this event, it seems that everyone has their own opinion on what actually happened. These opinions range from believing the official report of the Warren Commission, to believing that the Russians assassinated Kennedy. Despite all of the other theories, the most believable theoryRead MoreFinal Exam Reflection on Virtues and Values3007 Words   |  12 Pagesby spending all of his time working to find a solution to the missile crisis. He was so committed that he even lost sleep because he was thinking about the problem. Kennedy spent almost all of his time working to find an alternative to war, even though the generals thought that he should just give up and accept a nuclear war. 4. Communication is being able to spread your message and being able to get others to follow your message. Kennedy displayed communication when he gave his address on TV aboutRead MoreTop 1 Cause for Project Failure65023 Words   |  261 Pagesland a man on the moon and safely return him to earth. Project Sponsors and Project Managers would do well to study his speeches in this regard. The purpose and vision was made crystal clear The priority was established and ranked alongside all other priorities The cost (including the $ impact on all other Government budgets) was made explicit up front Everyone knew where ‘the boss’ stood on priority conflicts! 11. [pic] Gary Connell, MS, PMP Sr. ITRead More65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays 2nd Edition 147256 Words   |  190 PagesBut Morris never did any physical work, and he constantly aired his disdain for fencing. After two weeks, Morris abruptly quit. Tony approached me. He said that I had earned his trust and wanted me to lead the crew. I replied that I would be honored but first wanted to consult Lon, now the oldest crew member (twice my age). Lon, a quiet man, was not interested in taking on more responsibility. I told Lon I respected him and asked for his support. Youve got it, he replied. 7 65 Successful HarvardRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pagesgeneral conclusions. An Instructor’s Manual written by the author accompanies the text to provide suggestions and considerations for the pedagogical material within and at the ends of chapters. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It seems fitting to acknowledge everyone who has provided encouragement, information, advice, and constructive criticism through the years since the first edition of these Mistakes books. I hope you all are well and successful, and I truly appreciate your contributions. I apologize ifRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesframed. Morrow’s contribution here, as in his recent research and scholarship as a 6 †¢ INTRODUCTION whole, treats the two wars and their prehistory and aftermaths as genuinely global phenomena, not as conflicts among the great powers of Europe, the United States, and Japan, which has been the obsessive focus of most of the vast literature on this subject that defined much of twentieth-century history. As Carl Guarneri argues cogently in his contribution to the collection, which provides

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The Effects Of Global Warming On The Air Pollution

Qianwen Shi 7/31/2015 Thesis Statement Nowadays, we are facing a lot of environmental threats, and the main of them are air pollution, water pollution and global warming. Substances that may harm living things or damage non-living things cause air pollution. Some common atmospheric pollutants are carbon monoxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and so on. Industry production, usage of non-clean energy and vehicles are three main sources of air pollution. Water pollution includes natural pollution and man-made pollution. Due to the dissolution of geological, atmospheric precipitation leaching, erosion on the ground, mix the various pollutants into the water. Man-made pollution is made by industrial wastewater, daily life sewage and pesticide and fertilizer pollution. Global warming is related to greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. Due to the existence of greenhouse gases, the radiation, which comes from the Sun and reaches the Earth’s surface, is reflected back to Earth, ma king the temperature of Earth’s surface higher and higher. The influence of all these three problems can be classified into three kinds. First is human. Since air, water and temperature are essential factors that lives require, environmental pollution threats the living situation and human health. Let’s image the possible result of this tendency. The average life span will be shorter and shorter. The possibility of getting sick will be higher and higher. This is really horrible.Show MoreRelatedGlobal Warming And Its Impact On Our Earth1676 Words   |  7 Pagesour Earth. These issues include air, water, and environmental problems that we, as a global society, contribute to everyday. These concerns create major impacts that pertains to much of the globe and the world in which we inhabit today, compared to the world we lived in 50 years ago. Frequent statements that contribute to the overall thought of global warming include the following: how the community supplies detrimental factors to the Earth to cause global warming, and how can the community contributeRead MoreThe Effects Of Air Pollution On The Climate And Civilization Essay1571 Words   |  7 Pagesand not being able to breathe the air because it is too toxic; imagine if severe weather conditions, such as droughts and heat waves was the everyday norm. If action is not taken to reduce the amount of pollution humanity emits into the air, there will be detrimental effects on the climate and civilization. For instance, air pollution harms the health of people, causing respiratory issues, and air pollution negatively affects the climate, causing global warming. Both issues are also detrimental toRead MoreAir Pollution and Global Warming - Summary1696 Words   |  7 PagesAir Pollution and Global Warming SCI 275 Cheryl Wilson September 30, 2012 Tori Robinson Air pollution causes global warming through the greenhouse effect, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The greenhouse effect occurs when greenhouse gases trap and heat energy from the sun and prevent it from escaping Earths atmosphere and entering space.† (EPA, 2012) Atmospheric pollutions are caused by gasses and solid particulates released into the atmosphere. The most hazard atmosphericRead MoreThe Effects Of Air Pollution On Our Lives1304 Words   |  6 PagesDuring the recent years, air pollution has been the main cause of health problems in this society. Air pollution has caused so many health related sickness to the life we live in now. Air pollution has brought in high increases of poisonous gases that impact the weather by global warming, and the air we breathe. As we breathe this toxic air we get in the same chemicals that are mostly found in cigarettes. Some people could get many diseases breathing this kind of air today, because the cigarettesRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Impact On Our Earth1384 Words   |  6 Pagesthe destruction of our Earth. These issues include air, water, and environmental problems that we contribute to everyday. These concerns create major impacts that pertains to much of the globe and the world in which we inhabit today, compared to the world we lived in 50 years ago. Frequent questions that contribute to global warming include the following: how and why does the community supply detrimental factors to the Earth to cause global warming, and how can the community contribute to the repairRead MoreCauses Of Air Pollution Essay874 Words   |  4 PagesAir Pollution Poignant Matters Air pollution refers to a chemical, physical or biological alteration to the atmospheric air. It results whenever harmful gasses, smoke, or dust enters the atmosphere and in turn, hinders the survival of animals and plants as the air contains toxic substances. The survival of human beings and animals greatly depend on the combination of gasses in the atmosphere; slight disruption of this composition can cause devastating effects on their existence. An imbalance in theseRead MoreAir Pollution Essay: Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change1489 Words   |  6 PagesAir pollution and greenhouse gases are the reason for the planet as it is today; the reason why we see campaigns flooding the media informing us to ‘switch off’, ‘save the planet’ and ‘turn down the heat’ and the reason why the government is trying to develop a successful scheme, such as the carbon tax scheme, to reduce air pollution caused by major industries. Air pollution and greenhouse gases are the two immediate causes of global warming and climate change. Air pollution occurs when chemicalsRead MoreAir Pollution : A Threat Of Humans And Nature1198 Words   |  5 PagesAir Pollution: A Threat to Humans and Nature Gary Moore states in his book Living with the Earth that one of the first recorded air pollution events in the United States happened in 1948 in Donora, Pennsylvania. Pollutants from steel manufacturing in the area caused an inversion, the phenomenon whereby cool air is trapped underneath warmer air above and air pollutants are trapped. Seventy people died and over six thousand people suffered from symptoms such as nausea, headaches, and irritation toRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment767 Words   |  4 PagesHow does the daily action of driving a car contribute to global warming pollution and other air pollutions? Economic growth has triggered an explosion in the automobile industry, but along with that expansion comes consequence. The motor vehicle business has increased air pollution, causing acid rain, and has also contributed to global warming. Global warming is the process of the earth heating up due to increased levels of gases such as carbon dioxide, on the the leading emissions from cars. MostRead MoreThe World Of Global Warming1012 Words   |  5 Pagesfossil fuels without recognition of the repercussions it has on the environment and our well-being. Air pollution causes climate change, shown through the increase in greenhouse gases, and environmental and health effects. Although global warming is a relatively newly found epidemic, it has the support of science and should no longer be a topic of debate. Svante Arrhenius warned the world of global warming in 1896, but it was more than half a century before any other scientist decided to pay attention

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Nurses Free Essays

(1) According to the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association (2010): ‘The term cultural competency refers to a long-term, developmental process that moves beyond cultural awareness (the knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people primarily gained through media resources and workshops) and cultural sensitivity (knowledge as well as some level of direct experience with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people). Cultural competency emphasizes the idea of effectively operating in different cultural contexts: knowledge, sensitivity, and awareness programs o not include this concept. Cultural competence aims to reduce barriers to high quality care experienced by Indigenous people and is directly linked to improving social and emotional wellbeing and mental health outcomes. We will write a custom essay sample on Nurses or any similar topic only for you Order Now ’ Cultural Competence What is cultural competence? Cultural competence is the ability to interact effectively with people across different cultures. It has four components: * Awareness of one’s own cultural worldview (assumptions, biases) * A positive attitude towards cultural differences * Knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews * Cross-cultural communication skills What is cultural competence in health care? Culturally competent health care providers provide the best possible care for all their clients and work in the most productive way with all their colleagues. Everyone has a culture Cultural competence begins with the recognition that we are all born, raised and living in social, educational and organisational cultures. These cultures shape our assumptions, beliefs, values and behaviours. When we interact with others, the similarities and differences between our cultural expectations often make the interaction both more interesting, and more challenging. In a health setting, these challenges must be met if we are to provide equitable, appropriate and accessible services to all our clients. Competent practitioners are culturally competent A person who is culturally competent can communicate sensitively and effectively with people who have different languages, cultures, religions, genders, ethnicities, disabilities, ages and sexualities. Culturally competent health staff strive to provide services that are consistent with the clients’ needs and values firstly by acknowledging them, and secondly by, wherever possible, responding to them appropriately. Health care practitioners need to develop a broad repertoire of skills, knowledge, attitudes, perspectives and practices which they can use to enhance their cultural competence and direct their relationships with clients and colleagues. Cultural competence is about organisational competence It is very difficult to operate as a culturally competent practitioner without organisational support. SESIH is strongly committed to equality for clients and staff, and continues its commitment to the policies and principles of multicultural health. Benefits of a culturally competent workforce Lack of cultural competence impacts on both clients and staff. Clients who feel that their concerns have not been understood, who feel they have been dismissed or ignored, or who have not received optimum services because of their cultural background or ethnicity or language will find it hard to develop a sense of trust in a practitioner or a service. Culturally competent health staff build trust and respect which leads to increased client satisfaction and improved health outcomes such as a better use of the staff and clients’ time, more accurate information, and more effective and acceptable outcomes for staff and clients. Cultural competence benefits everyone. Why is culture so important in health care? Because health care is cultural. Although the scientific bases for medical treatment and care is considered ‘objective’, the way that we choose and use health services, whether we accept a diagnosis, how we decide if we will continue with a particular medical treatment, and the sorts of questions we ask health staff are all culturally influenced. Staff need to recognise the beliefs and values that affect our health decisions and take account of them when treating us (2) How to cite Nurses, Essay examples

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Research Paper on Ultrasound Essay Example

Research Paper on Ultrasound Essay Ultrasound is a kind of sound which human ear can not hear. Nevertheless, when ultrasound is of high concentration, it can be extremely harmful for human health. Today ultrasound is used for different purposes. First of all, it is the field of aviation. Modern planes are constructed in such a way to fly very fast, faster than sound. Technology which manages to defeat the speed of sound is used in space engineering, when scientists and engineers construct ultrasound space aircraft which manage to fly extremely fast and deliver space ships and people into the open space. Ultrasound is also used in medicine. The main purpose of ultrasound here is to detect various injuries of the organism without surgery operations. Moreover, it is used to detect and analyze the stage and complexity of cancer. Ultrasound technology enables to do it very effectively. Besides, ultrasound is used to detect the gender of a baby, because young parents are always interested in it. The method is safe enough not to cause any harm for a baby. Although, ultrasound has a wide usage and is an important question for research, many people do not know anything about it. Research paper writing on the topic of ultrasound is quite a popular assignment for students who study sciences, because there is a great possibility to find new fields of usage of ultrasound, so constant research on the topic is conducted all over the world. A successful research paper on ultrasound should be informative, logical and interesting. One should present the definition of the term, and provide a detailed description of the phenomenon, explaining its nature, qualities and effects. The paper should be well-organized in order to give to the reader the image and at least basic knowledge on ultrasound and its usage in various fields of human life. We will write a custom essay sample on Research Paper on Ultrasound specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Research Paper on Ultrasound specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Research Paper on Ultrasound specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Writing a research paper can become a big problem for every inexperienced student. It is really problematic to compose a professional paper on such a difficult topic and analyze it from all sides. The best way to learn to write a good paper is to read several free sample research papers on ultrasound tech in the Internet. If one manages to find a successful model of a research paper in the web, it will be a valuable experience for him, because he will improve his knowledge on the question and develop his writing skills. Every free example research paper on ultrasound technician is a good writing assistance, because having read such a paper, one learns to compose and format the paper professionally, and present and analyze data properly. At custom writing service you can buy a custom research paper on Ultrasound topics. Your research paper will be written from scratch. We hire top-rated Ph.D. and Master’s writers only to provide students with professional research paper assistance at affordable rates. Each customer will get a non-plagiarized paper with timely delivery. Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all paper details: Enjoy our professional research paper writing service!

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Art Careers essays

Art Careers essays Designers- people with a desire to create. They combine practical knowledge with artistic ability to turn abstract ideas into formal designs for the clothes that we wear, the living and office space that we inhabit, and the merchandise that we buy. Designers usually specialize in a particular area of design, such as automobiles, clothing, furniture, home appliances, industrial equipment, interiors of homes or office buildings, movie and theater sets, packaging, or floral arrangements. Visual artists- create art to communicate ideas, thoughts, or feelings. They use a variety of methods-painting, sculpting, or illustration-and an assortment of materials, including oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, pencils, pen and ink, plaster, clay, and computers. Visual artists works may be realistic, stylized, or abstract and may depict objects, people, nature, or events. Fine artists- create art to satisfy their own need for self-expression. Illustrators and graphic designers- put their artistic skills at the service of commercial clients, such as major corporations; retail stores; and advertising, design, and publishing firms. Sculptors- design three-dimensional art works-either by molding and joining materials such as clay, glass, wire, plastic, fabric, or metal or by cutting and carving forms from a block of plaster, wood, or stone. Some sculptors combine various materials to create mixed-media works. In recent years, some sculptors have incorporated light, sound, and motion into their works. Printmakers- create printed images from designs cut or etched into wood, stone, or metal. After cutting the design, the artist inks the surface of the woodblock or stone and rolls or stamps it onto paper to make an impression. Some printmakers make prints by graphically encoding data and processing it, using a computer. The computer-enhanced images are printed using printers with specially loaded software or are transmitted electronic...

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Gerardus Mercator

Gerardus Mercator Gerardus Mercator was a Flemish cartographer, philosopher, and geographer who is best known for his creation of the Mercator map projection. On the Mercator projection parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude are drawn as straight lines so that they are useful for navigation. Mercator was also known for his development of the term â€Å"atlas† for a collection of maps and his skill in calligraphy, engraving, publishing and making of scientific instruments (Monmonier 2004). In addition, Mercator had an interests in mathematics, astronomy, cosmography, terrestrial magnetism, history and theology (Monmonier 2004).   Today Mercator is mostly thought of as a cartographer and geographer and his map projection was used for hundreds of years as the quintessential way to depict the Earth. Many maps using the Mercator projection are still used in classrooms today, despite the development of newer, more accurate map projections. Early Life and Education Gerardus Mercator was born on March 5, 1512 in Rupelmond, County of Flanders (modern-day Belgium). His name at birth was Gerard de Cremer or de Kremer (Encyclopedia Britannica). Mercator is the Latin form of this name and means â€Å"merchant† ( Mercator grew up in the Duchy of Julich and was educated Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands where he received training in the Christian doctrine as well as Latin and other dialects.   In 1530 Mercator began studying at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium where he studied humanities and philosophy. He graduated with his master’s degree in 1532. Around this time Mercator began to have doubts about the religious aspect of his education because he could not combine what he was taught about the origin of the universe with that of Aristotle’s and other more scientific beliefs (Encyclopedia Britannica). After his two years away in Belgium for his master’s degree, Mercator returned to Leuven with an interest in philosophy and geography. At this time Mercator began studying with Gemma Frisius, a theoretical mathematician, physician and astronomer, and Gaspar a Myrica, an engraver and goldsmith. Mercator eventually mastered mathematics, geography and astronomy and his work, combined with that of Frisius and a Myrica made Leuven a center for the development of globes, maps and astronomical instruments (Encyclopedia Britannica). Professional Development By 1536 Mercator had proven himself as an excellent engraver, calligrapher, and instrument maker. From 1535-1536 he participated in a project to create a terrestrial globe and in 1537 he worked on a celestial globe. Most of Mercator’s work on the globes consisted of the labeling of features with italic lettering.   Throughout the 1530’s Mercator continued to develop into a skilled cartographer and the terrestrial and celestial globes helped to cement his reputation as the leading geographer of that century. In 1537 Mercator created a map of the Holy Land and in 1538 he made a map of the world on a double heart-shaped or cordiform projection (Encyclopedia Britannica). In 1540 Mercator designed a map of Flanders and published a manual on italic lettering called, Literarum Latinarum quas Italicas Cursoriasque Vocant Scribende Ratio.   In 1544 Mercator was arrested and charged with heresy because of his many absences from Leuven to work on his maps and his beliefs toward Protestantism (Encyclopedia Britannica). He was later released due to university support and he was allowed to continue pursuing his scientific studies and print and publish books. In 1552 Mercator moved to Duisburg in the Duchy of Cleve and assisted in the creation of a grammar school. Throughout the 1550’s Mercator also worked on genealogical research for Duke Wilhelm, wrote a Concordance of the Gospels, and compose several other works. In 1564 Mercator created a map of Lorraine and the British Isles. In the 1560’s Mercator began to develop and perfect his own map projection in an effort to help merchants and navigators more effectively plan a course over long distances by plotting it on straight lines. This projection became known as the Mercator projection and was used on his map of the world in 1569. Later Life and Death In 1569 and throughout the 1570’s Mercator began a series of publications to describe the creation of the world through maps. In 1569 he published a chronology of the world from Creation to 1568 (Encyclopedia Britannica). In 1578 he published another which consisted of 27 maps that were originally produced by Ptolemy. The next section was published in 1585 and consisted of newly created maps of France, Germany and the Netherlands. This section was followed by another in 1589 that included maps of Italy, â€Å"Sclavonia† (the present-day Balkans), and Greece (Encyclopedia Britannica).   Mercator died on December 2, 1594, but his son aided in the production of the final section of his father’s atlas in 1595. This section included maps of the British Isles. Mercator’s Legacy Following its final section being printed in 1595 Mercator’s atlas was reprinted in 1602 and again in 1606 when it was named the â€Å"Mercator-Hondius Atlas.† Mercator’s atlas was one of the first to include maps of the world’s development and it, along with his projection remain as significant contributions to the fields of geography and cartography. To learn more about Gerardus Mercator and his map projection, read Mark Monmonier’s Rhumb Lines and Map Wars: A Social History of the Mercator Projection.

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Business plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Business plan - Assignment Example This has been in practice by people regardless of their age ranging from their childhood which poses as great dange (Henry, 2013)r. Also from the time of industrialization in this world whereby machines replaced work done by human especially the practical and manual work, many people have engaged in business or work practices which they engage passively. Most people work in offices and spend all of their day sited. This makes their bodies to be more relaxed which is a great danger. Due to the above practices which have been caused by emanating factors in the environment such as technological developments in food and in how work is carried out, diseases have come into being which have killed and continue to kill people all over (Pinson, 2004). An example of a lifestyle disease is cancer which results from eating unhealthy food which comprises mostly of junk food and on the other hand not practicing at all. As per the above aspects of life, it is thus worth to come up with a fitness center which will tend to assist people to maintain a good living characterized with good health through training and proper dieting. This is a spelled out in the fitness centers vision, mission and the strategy of the organization (Bisoux, 2002). Good health fitness center is an entity whose main goal will be to create a fit and healthy society. Good training and proper dieting will be our main objective which we intend to teach the society in order to make the world a better place. Our agenda is to eliminate lifestyle diseases in the future through our committed staff of well-trained fitness guides who will be of help to the society through their advice on how to train and live well. Our goal is also to create branches throughout the nation In order to ease access of training facilities and services. Our vision is to be the best in weight management, group fitness, cardio and martial arts. Our mission is to be the best firm in